Our Services

We offers an extensive variety of services from product design and development, manufacturing and many more options.
Vacuum Forming/Thermoforming

The best preferred standpoint of vacuum shaping over other plastic forms is the economic tooling cost. Tooling can be made rapidly and economically as tools often don’t require CNC programming or complex aluminum devices. Vacuum framing is an awesome method to get your item out there with low introductory capital.

Point of Sale Displays

We create effective retail highly Point of Sale (POS) displays, many factors are taken in consideration for creating a compelling point of sale displays. In-house design and innovation specialists create a creative designs, and we also work within your budget to design an outstanding display solution.

Project Management

Project managers can guide product from product configuration to delivery, Or bring your design to us we can turn it into reality. Manager make sure all communication is clear to team and transparent with client so deadlines are met, We also provide and prototype or sample of product if it's required.

CNC Trimming

We can cut a range of plastic materials like Reynobond, Polypropylene, Acrylic/Perspex, ABS/ASA, Polycarbonate, PVC, HDPE and aluminium composite panels (also known as Villabond, Willstrong, Dibond, Alucobond and Plascore.


Building signage, any scale, any shape, any colour, any material. Regardless of whether your signage requires great climate, warmth or UV obstruction or high effect quality, we can do exterior Signage, Interior Signs, Reception Signs, Retail Signage, Shop Front Signage, Real Estate Signage, Freestanding & Pylon Signs, Custom Signage & Print, Vehicle Signage, Shopfront Signage, Corporate Branding, Wrap Signage, Unique Signs and many more..


Fiberglass components physically more stronger we can construct fibreglassed tapes, doors, materials, insulation, tubs, tanks, guards, wind bubbles, watercraft segments or roofing segments; converse with us first since we can most likely spare you cash and create higher quality parts.

Distortion Printing

Distortion Printing is a design innovation which leads to improved branding, with the help of thermoforming expertise to create a molded part containing the proper image displayed on the plastic product.

Industrial Design

Using the most recent software and programming tools we can bring life into your product before assembling happens to enable you to approve your product or make changes.

We Have Good Skills

We utilize our own team of in-house designers, project-managers/coordinators, fabricators, craftspeople and site installation teams with security checks in place, Forming Plastics are resourced to successfully deliver on all of our clients architectural and cooperate projects, developments and fit-outs of virtually any size or complexity.

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