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At Forming Plastics, we design and manufacture all sorts of vacuum-forming or thermo-forming solutions to meet any size or technical specification.

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Your experts in plastic fabrication.

Plastic fabrication is a process which is used to design, manufacture, or assemble products made from plastic or composites containing plastic. Plastic welding is similar to the more common metal welding. It uses heat to melt pieces together. Firstly, at forming plastics , we design and make all sort of vacuum-forming or thermo-forming solutions. Later we help you in order to  meet with any size or trade specifications. On the bright side we are  seen  as a Australia owned and operated company. So its our power to give you changing, safe, good, ready and able to keep going products.

Even more we can produce almost any  form of shape required/needed , all with quality put into plastic sheet stock. Certainly, we can also form many other plastics. We work with a wide range of thermoplastics and we even give creative new materials to advertise.  Including chrome and gold plated completions. Our experienced team keeps informed of new materials, manufacturing ways of doing things. It is our goal to manage the needs of person getting goods from our store in environmentally sustainable way.

Products & Services

Even more with over 30 years in the trade, forming plastics offers a great amount of industry and knowledge experience. The experience is in sort of  material forming and way of doing it. Because of,  our increasing change growth  in time years, and as a result  our expert relationships  expands in the market. We are constantly exploring and actualizing new materials, generation procedures and outline systems. We offers the most ideal product to our clients. Where possible we do try and source material from bio-plastics which are made from sustainable organic materials like cellulose and starch.Our world is a changing place but our commitment to environment is our first priority. Therefore, we recycle plastic waste wherever possible.At every stage of the design and manufacturing process we are conscious about reducing unnecessary waste.Quality plastic fabrication & manufacturing processes including plastic machining, plastic cutting services for plastic components & fabrications.

Above all,we make ready many services like.

  • Plastic fabrications.
  • Tool design and mould making.
  • 3D modelling and prototyping.
  • Concept and component layout.
  • Product testing and final production.

Furthermore quality is given to our customers getting products from our store. We have worked hard to become the number one soft, easily bent making company. The  up-to-date list of things are the most common parts our customers have need of. 

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The Forming Plastics digital process allows for limitless new product possibilities!

Advancing technology and innovations now used at Forming Plastics allow us to transform graphic design and photographic printed creations into stunning 3D products. Particularly we are leaders in the custom plastic products industry, providing superior product solutions now incorporating our 8 colour high resolution printing. With the ability to produce UV and vandal resistant moulded products, together with express fixing methods for the installation process when required. Moreover we are the first company in Australia capable of reverse printing direct to sheet prior to vacuum forming to produce 3D panels to a depth of 200mm plus, depending on the products size and shape.

Key Benefits of a Forming Plastics include:

  • Multiple printed product applications - Plastics, Metals, Timber, Glass and Ceramics and more...
  • Superior ink adhesion capable of supporting more than the weight of the reverse printed product, often eliminating the need for further mechanical fixings
  • Print Single sided or Double sided panels, in high resolution 8 colour quality on most common substrates
  • Reflective or Transmissive print direct to product - no concern for delaminating or blistering as will occur with an applied vinyl print.
  • UV resistance of print images, filter protected by the material selected when reverse printed
  • Scratch and Damage resistance limited only by the correct material selection for reverse printed applications
  • Print panels up to 2000 mm wide and up to 50 mm thick to desired length – dependant on available stock sizes