Forming Plastics

Forming PlasticsForming PlasticsForming PlasticsForming PlasticsForming PlasticsForming PlasticsForming PlasticsForming PlasticsForming Plastics

  • Cutting, scraping and sanding
  • Producing a prototype
  • Welding of products using PVC – HDPE – PP – PC
  • Innovative new bioplastics
  • Machining, routing and shaping

We use our in-house machines to mold the plastic which overall draws out the plastic sheet firmly around the tool. Consequently making an awesome component/designs.

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For Your Plastic Project

  • Any scale
  • Any shape
  • Any colour
  • Any material
  • Custom plastic sign to suit your needs

Particularly we are sign makers and can make various signs like Exterior Signage, Interior Signs, Reception Signs, Retail Signage, Shop Front Signage, Real Estate Signage, Freestanding & Pylon Signs, Custom Signage & Print and many more..

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For Your Signage Project

  • Engaging graphic affects
  • Point of sale
  • Counter units
  • ATM’s
  • Frames

Distortion Printing is a design innovation which leads to improved branding, as well as with the help of thermoforming expertise  create a molded part containing the proper image displayed on the plastic product. In conclusion it is also  referred to as printing on plastic.

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For Your Distortion Printing Project

  • Trailer Cover
  • Product design
  • Graphics/Photo editing
  • Interactive design/website design
  • Industrial design/Modern manufacturing

Normally with the help of Software and advanced rendering programs we give life to your product before assembling happens.

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For Your Industrial Design Project

Your Specialist in Plastics

At Forming Plastics, we design and manufacture all kinds of vacuum-forming or thermo-forming solutions to meet any size or technical detailed description of exactly what is required. Our large 3m x 1.8m bed vacuum former may be your money-saving answer to your over-size molded parts/pieces. We are recognised as an Australian owned and operated company. It is our ability to provide you new and interesting, reliable and able to last/helping the planet products.

Furthermore plastic objects are of course found everywhere in our daily lives, but many people don’t know that there are different ways to form it for commercial or industrial use. However fundamental diversity fortunately gives us the unique ability to provide our potential customers with a wide variety of options in determining the best way to produce their part.

Using vacuum forming technology, Forming Plastics can produce almost any molded shape needed, all with quality cast plastic sheet stock. Similarly,  we can also form many other plastics. Modern plastic creations such as High Impact Styrene, Polycarbonate and ABSplastics.  Overall all form part of the moulding process which we employ in the manufacturing of products.

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